Trees. Finally.

In our 6 years (?) of living in Seattle do you know how many trees we have had in our yards?  A grand total of 1.

Until now.
Now we own nearly an acre of forest.

I can't figure out where to put a garden because we get so much shade. I am thinking about getting a pig so that we can take down some brush in the front and then have a pig root it out for a summer.  I'm concerned I wouldn't actually have the heart to turn it into bacon.  It would however get the soil ready for a garden.

I read on some blog that when you buy a house it feels like you start dripping money during the first month or so.  I get that now.  Paint, brushes, tools, plants, hardware, lights, lightbulbs, storage baskets for cabinets, cleaning supplies, shelving brackets, hooks, springs, -seriously random but kinda necessary stuff.

And, then, we were in Vancouver BC this weekend and we found our own housewarming gift.  I know, I know but we had to do it.  .  . it is a hammock.  Since we went from 1 tree to hundreds of trees it seemed right.  And this hammock is comfortable! Right underneath the plum tree!

While hamocking (verb?) I realized we had all the parts to make Junia a swing- rope, board, strong branches!  We also had all the tools -drill, skill.

So- voila- a swing for our little one who LOVES to swing and a swing for our big ones who love to. . .swing.


  1. Lucky you, having trees for a hammock! I would LOVE a hammock too. I guess we will just have to come visit. I love the first pic. You look so content. A place to hang your hat! Tremendous!!

  2. YOU HAVE CLOTHESLINES!!! When I dream of living in a house, I always wish for clotheslines in my yard. I love them so much.



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