This is not a diy home repair kinda blog. It is the blog of our lives. From kids, food, chaos, inspiration and all the works.  I have been reading a lot of DIY kinda blogs and I have to remember that is NOT what I am doing here.

So lets switch gears.  Get off the home ownership swoon (though I am so in it)  and just do a simply list of things that are inspiring me.

-The Quail (bobwhite) that make so much noise every evening and morning.

-This heat. I kinda love it.  It is so clearly summer.

-Junia and Sean beachcombing yesterday in the water. Junia knew animals like Anemones and barnacles. Things I didn't know existed until I was 22.

-I am feeling deeply connected to being a minister.  Though I am glad to have some time away this summer I just presented to a bunch of faculty and am reminded that the faculty game and language is not a game/language that I desire to speak.

-Sean inspires me.  He is amazing.  I hardly said a nice thing to the guy yesterday. I was so so tired. But he stuck with me.  Oh that man.


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