Things I am learning in the art of home remodeling

Is what we are doing remodeling? From a quick search here's what I got:

re·mod·el  (r-mdl)
tr.v. re·mod·eled also re·mod·elledre·mod·el·ing also re·mod·el·lingre·mod·els also re·mod·els
To make over in structure or style; reconstruct.

Well changing the floors is technically part of the structure and we have definitly been changing the style I think I can say that we are "remodeling!"

So here's what I am learning:
GE Brand Cauk- sucks.
Dap- the cheaper stuff works fine.
It takes a lot of cauk to do a whole bathroom.
I can ruin a lot of rags when I cauk.
I am a messy cauker.

Seriously just overused the word cauk.
It wasn't even close too being sexy.

I am having a hard time prioritizing tasks. So I spend my non-child-ed time jumping from 1 task to another.  I/we need to make a master list.

I am staring to have some inspiration for our bathroom. Finally!
We also have a solution to the glass sliding doors in the bathroom that will let in light and retain privacy! Phew.

Finally, as a side note, but something I think about all the time now, I get how lack of new house building impacts the economy- there is so much money that gets poured into little crap! Holy cow.

So that's it.


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