From crap to fertile soil.

I am convinced that the terrible twos are not about parenting at two year old. They are all about parenting a toddler in her second year.

Miriam is frustrated. She wants what she wants but she can't get there quickly and she cannot communicate clearly. So all she does is whine.

Then there are these horrible bone like structures forcing their way through her gums.  On top of it all we are in a new house (confusing house?) and it is hot. 

So basically Miriam is a pill. 
If I were with her today my words would be more harsh, but I'm not so I am using gentle words.

Come on baby! Learn to talk!

The funny thing is, my hope amid being so very frustrated by her is wisdom from preaching that a student did this spring. She talked about taking the long vision...trying to find the humor in the chaos or the stress, trying to imagine the big picture this kind of time.  So when Sean stubbs his toe in the middle of the night on the door and the spice rack in minutes of each other. That is funny.

We are a moment of crap. But it is surrounded by a lifetime of some really fertile soil.


  1. Remember how frustrating it was the first time around? and look at what a lovely child Miss Junia is becoming! Go back and read the blog posts from that time frame (when J was about two) and you'll be comforted by how far she's come and how Miss Miriam is becoming her own little self because of the awesome mom (and dad) you are!

    You always have such profound things to say: "surrounded by a lifetime of some really fertile soil" You inspire me with your thoughtful words. <3


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