Notes from a growing family.

Miriam is back. Her little spirit is rebounded- it must have been trapped beneath the gums because once her teeth came out so did her joy!

I cut her hair.
I just couldn't stand the way that her hair was always in her face.
I had been trying to grow it out and let her bangs be long.
But I couldn't hack it and she couldn't keep a barrette in.

She looks adorable (but no photos yet!)
It's like I haven't seen her eyes for 3 months.
And, really, she has lovely eyes.

So that's it. Her eyes are back. Her smile is back.
Junia, my hesitant one, is going to art camp this week.
She is being so so brave.
I know it scares the bugs out of her when we leave but she is doing it.
And, she is having fun.

And, Sean? Sean is writing for work. Summer is his crazy time and he is absorbing every bit of the crazy that it is.  But, he is falling in love with this home of ours, I've never seen him be so handy before.  It's so cool to see him take on a new skill.

Oh, the photos are from our trip to Whistler, British Columbia over American Independence Day.


  1. Look at your family! <3 Love you guys.

  2. I freaking love you four. That picture of the girls... so much physical beauty in the setting and the two of them and even so it's their affection that is the loveliest part of the photo.

    I deeply admire how you both parent and how you celebrate your daughters' personalities as they are. They are truly blessed to have you as their parents. I hope you already know this but I figure a reminder can't hurt.



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