The Remodel! Before and After

We bought this house. The one on the photo below, at a thrift store.  This giant ugly beast enchanted me with it's potential!

You can see the potential right!  But whoa- look at the bowed floors, the ugly colors, and the whole thing was really damp!

So I scraped out all of the floors, ripped out the Christmas lights, took off the balcony railing and started dreaming and I let the thing sit in a dry warm spot for many days- it dried out and I stared doing some shopping....

And, here is how it is looking today!!!

 The was felt carpeting that was also wet, the walls were textured with sandy paint, and the whole thing needed some help!

And now!- Yup, I destroyed an old towel and glued it to the floor!
The walls are painted with a little paint sample and the furniture is a mix of random thrift store furniture and fabric covered blocks!

And, in general it was a giant ugly beast.
And now it is as cute as a button. Here is how I did it!

I bought a packet of scrapbook paper- for wallpaper!
I bought some popsicle sticks- for hardwood flooring!- The "downstairs" has hardwoods- all made from popsicle sticks.  Cutting off the curved ends was a pain- but worth it! I did a coat of woodglue under them and then a nice thick coat on top and since it dried clear they look awesome!
Junia and I choose some paint for the outside and the inside!  Whit for trim and stuff, yellow for the outside, black for the roof, and Junia, of course, wanted a pink room!
I scrounged up an old towel for some carpeting.

And, I sanded the crap out off it!
Then I stared painting, glueing, and glueing some more.
And, voila, a really awesome dollhouse!


  1. Love the doll house renovations.

  2. I don't know where you find the time for all of this... but it is fantastic!


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