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S and I are going to open our own tourism bureau for the Pacific northwest- by car and with an infant and a dog will be our specialty! We even have references (Ahem- that means you Gayle).

We are taking road trips and traveling all over like crazy people so far this summer. We've spent time on the oregon coast, the north cascades, some time in British Columbia on Vancouver Island, we buzzed along he Olympic peninsula a bit, cruised the dry midlands of Yakima, Wenatchee and some other dry and beautiful Valley, and enjoyed the landscape of Whidbey Island. Hopefully we'll make it to Mt. St. Helen's and Mt. Rainier at some point this summer too. I am working on a series of photos about all the places that J has had a diaper change.

Nonetheless, it has been fun. S's hobby is researching travel information and I am happy to benefit from such a gift. Besides, one of the great gifts (among others of course) of living out here (so far from family and many of our friends!) is the rugged beauty and the opportunity to embrace it! The pictures above are from our 4th of July adventure to the quite and awesome north Cascades nat'l park.


  1. If you do start your own travel business website I can write for you under the "travel stories" section. ;)


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