Where is the love?

It has long been noted that the english language lacks a diversity of words to describe love. I recall sitting in a college course hearing Dr. Revering say, "I love peanut butter, I love my dog, and I love my wife." He was trying to get us to understand that the word LOVE is used each time but the relationship with the peanut butter, dog and wife are all different- and then we moved into discussing the various greek words for love: Eros, Agape, Filial- and there is another one- I just don't remember it...

But, I think American English speakers have started using a new word for love and that word is "heart." I "heart" you. I "heart" peanut butter. I love my partner. Heart is the word to communicate more than just liking something but it's not spouse, family, committment and give yourself kind of love.

Lately, I "heart" sewing. I "heart" the season of fresh fruit. I "heart" summertime. I love J and I love S. Oh, and the picture. If you don't know that is the gesture that goes with it.


  1. I agree! English is totally deficient in words to express love. I also heart summertime... if it would get above 70 for more than a week at a time!! (And if I could enjoy it, instead of studying all the time!)


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