A day on the farm

I have a (former) collegue who I've befriended; she's my sewing teacher and now cohorot in making. She and her partner have a small farm which means a handful of farm animals, a large garden and several outbuildings out in the country. J and I went up there yesterday!

While J napped, we picked berries. Like 16 pounds of them. We made jam into about half of them and the rest J and I brought home. It was such fun being in the foothills of the cascades, getting away from the city, scratching behind the ears of a pig, seeing eggs in the chickenhouse, and taking note of the crazy cows. It was a delight to spend some time with a friend and just let the day linger until the sun was orange and it was time to go.

Additionally, It made me excited to bring little girl J here when she is older, I wanted to show her how to pick the raspberries, and to engage her imagination in farm life.

I didn't take pictures. Every battery in our house is dead.


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