Our neighborhood is loud. There are always cars driving by with their bass booming, or sirens along the main drag 1 blockk down, or their is the low level hum of a city with people all about. In fact, the quietest time around here is in the morning. I think being attuned to a baby crying or waking up I've become more sensitive to surrounding noise (and I was super sensitive before too!) I've been listening to the sounds around me in the last couple of weeks with particular acuteness, fed by some of our travel adventures to remarkably quiet places, everything feels loud.

In my spirit I am craving some quiet, some time to just listen or journal, some space to be awed by unfamiliar noises of animals, wind, cracking branches- that kind of stuff. Amid this craving and amid the loudness of summer around us I have notices that even Junia seems to take some time for quiet. Like any "waddler" she is as busy as can be. But sometimes I find her sitting peacefully examining an object, or enjoying a cuddle, or just being still. It makes me think that quiet, stillness, and stopping are not the need of the enlightened, but the needs of all of us...from the very beginning.


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