I'm sitting in the dining room finishing off our ginger ice cream. The dog is sleeping on the floor, the baby in her room, and I'm pondering a nap too. Though, I would love to pick up some toys, finish a birthday banner, and maybe take a warm bath- because it's chilly in this house of ours (sorry about that America- everywhere is hot except the pacific northwest).

I got a haircut today. 6 months since my last one. I when from Farah Faucett's whimsical swoop to the boy cut of my old days. Damn it's nice to have my face back!

Yesterday several of S's JVC roommates were in town. We are doing a reunion/birthday bash for one of his roommates. Certianly I never lived with the women who are visiting, and I didn't do JVC with them- but I have been welcomed, embraced by them. And too, so has Junia. I feel so comfortable, so at ease, and so loved. It is also remarkable how well they know S. They are not afraid to listen deeply to his/mine/our fears, hopes, dreams, challenges- as individuals and as a couple. They laugh with our weaknesses- and without mocking- they can poke at our struggles, ask difficult questions, and uplift low places. Strangely enough, I don't think it is any 1 person who is doing it- but rather, it is the group as a whole.

It makes me miss some of my old community. It makes me homesick for girlfriends from college or some of my dear dear friends from grad school. I wish I could have a playdate with Adele, Zosia, and Lily. I wish it were easier to meet people with overlapping values, sharing interests, seeking boldness and authenticity. . .

I hope 1 year from now- I will be in a different place...


  1. Rachel,

    You say it so thoughts have been turning to Weston quite a bit this summer. Miss you and Sean quite a bit; still looking forward to meeting Junia now that she's on the outside ;-)

    Be well, friend...


  2. Know that you're not alone in that longing for greater community and communion: I've been missing people with rather acute desperation over the past two weeks. My thoughts are often with you and Sean, and Junia... I've been thinking a lot lately of how it's possible to stay deeply connected to people so far away, when I know I am typically so wrapped up in isolating, energy-demanding Things.

    Thinking of you and sending you love -- as, apparently, is Blogspot: the word verification word right now is "cherdoll" -- dear Doll. Dear Doll O'Mahoneys.

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