My First Sale

I've been telling myself that if I ever sold anything I've been selling on etsy that it would either be date money for Sean and I or I would put it in a special account for us to go to Europe on our 10th or 15th wedding anniversary (a little at a time right!). Well, it seems I have my first sale...though not through etsy.

A friend saw this Happy Birthday banner I made for our family and is purchasing one as a wedding gift for her brother. We were talking about it and thinking I would do a serious of them so 1 "happy" and then a birthday, holidays, that they can put the happy up and then add the appropriate second banner. I'm pumped don't ya know?!

The question is how much to charge? Is $10 per banner too much or too little? So Happy birthday would be $20 or should I charge per flag? What do ya think?


  1. 1) I'm pumped that I made it onto your blog.
    2) I am super excited to do this for Peter and Natasha. Let me know when you can work our the pricing stuff -- it's a wedding gift, so I'm prepared to invest in something that will be in their home for many, many years...
    3) Our last spirituality night as a community featured the houseplant with the birds...just FYI.


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