Finally Summerr

Finally Seattle summer has arrived! The sky is blue, the mountain is out, the water is tempting and, the bright orb in the sky is visible! During morning nap today I planted more tomatoes, the containters of strawberries that had been sitting on the front porch for 2 weeks, hoed the beans and got myself all dirty. I love it!

Yesterday during a sweatshirt and jeans day of temps in the 60's we went to Toys 'R Us/Babys 'R Us (they are attached). Let me just tell you this is the first time we have been there not out of a need to return something or for a cheap sale on something we needed. Frankly, that style of marketing, provoking people's fears and telling them what they MUST have is not our style. But, it's supposed to be hot this week so we bought our selves a on of those shallow plastic baby pools...revised: a baby and parent pool....rerevised a baby and parent and dog pool. We are looking forward to using it!

Hopefully we'll have some pictures to capture our summer wetness later this week.


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