The "nothing" I've been up to.

"Hey how was your day with J?"

"It was fine, I didn't do anything though."

"Really. That's too bad, but it's fine. You cared for our daughter that's all you had to do."

"Thanks, that's why you are such a great partner!"

"What are these jars?"

"Oh I made some blackberry basil syrup and canned it for pancakes for some other time."

"Why is the sewing machine out."

"I made Junia some pants aren't they adorable?"

"Yeah they are."


"Where are all the clean bibs?"

"Downstairs in the mountain of clean laundry I've been doing."

"And all the fruit we bought at the farmers market?"

"I put it in the freezer so we have fresh fruit in the winter."

I guess I must be German if I call this "not doing anything." I struggle sometimes with being very task oriented and wanted to accomplish things. What the reality is though is that I need to clean up my language. I am getting things done and enjoying doing them AND I am being with Junia. My creative energy is at a high and I'm happy to just ride on that.


  1. Wow! You are amazing! It is so wonderful you just began to sew so recently and are making all these amazing things and are so into canning and everything. Definitely give yourself credit for these remarkably productive activities! xo


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