Baby Boy or Baby Girl- Both!

No not twins.

We have been told by one ultrasound tech, "I'm 75% sure that is a boy."  We have been told by another ultrasound tech, "I'm 80% sure that is a girl."

Huh. Those percentages are throwing me off.
So without much shock and awe, I don't know what gender our fetus is. (or perhaps it has dual sex characteristics?)

We will be having another ultrasound but I think at this point in the game I kind of like not knowing. We tried. It was apparently difficult based on Duece's position and stuff.  So I think we are just going to let it go.  You know?

I just thought ya'll might be wondering.
The real question is - how are we ever going to find a name we like as much as we like Junia's name? (for either gender)


  1. What! That would make me crazy! I mean if they dont know they shouldn't make up a gender they should just say they cant tell so you dont start planning one way or the other. They had trouble getting our duece to get into a position they could tell but he eventually did. Well eventually you will be 100% sure.

  2. Rachel, you are ten times more awesome and cool about the double answers then I would have been. As we say at the library, "All will be revealed!". So excited for the 3 of you to be the 4 of you!

  3. I can predict with 100% probability that this baby will be loved unconditionally and with abandon. Remember, those that say you have to worry about "spoiling" a child with love are fools. My oldest "baby" just got to start on a CWU Rugby game and then called to tell me how much he appreciated the cookies I sent back home with him, and ask if I was doing okay. Yeah, I'm okay with this "spoiling" business, especially if this is what comes of it. Keep up the good work! Bless you! -dana


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