You aren't welcome...

Am I nesting?

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Probably not. I think I am in New Year's mode.  But our guestroom is a freakin' disaster right now.  It's not dirty as much as just messy. There are bins of winter clothes half emptied, bins of clothes that don't fit me and I don't care to look at until after this baby is born. There are bins of swaddling blankets and baby crap. An old dresser, a desk we don't want anymore, piles of folded clean sheets, towels, and various assundry of such things that haven't made it into the closet, a twin bed set on its side.

Oh, not to mention all the other things that usually belong in a guestroom.

The big project that is underway is the repainting of a dresser we scored in the neighborhood.  Big enough for two kids stuff.  So seven drawers have been primed, three have been painted, and all are hanging out in the guestroom.

We are trying to figure out some good systems for organizing toys. Right now our best system is taking a load of stuff to goodwill every week!

So all in all,   I think with a couple days notice we could offer hospitality but if you show up right now we could feed you but you'll have to sleep with the dog!


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