How to irritate me...lessons learned from a two year old

I seriously melted down this morning when Sean left for work.  Today is a snow day.  My work is closed. Junia's daycare is closed. But Sean's work never closes.  Ever.  Seriously like 7 people in Seattle go to work when it snows and they all work for the local news.

With how much Junia has been sick in the past couple of weeks and Sean's insane work schedule  I am feeling pretty done with this parenting all day everyday from home thing.  I don't know why I find it so hard but I just don't know what to do with myself or rather, I don't know what to do with her.  I don't need freakin' craft ideas...I need the sanity of being with someone who is rational, fun, and can share.

So here is my list of things that are irritating about being with a toddler all day. Stuck in the house.  Not able to leave. Or go outside.

-the constant cycle of clean up- destroy- clean up- destroy
-Setting up a project like painting.  15 minutes to set up. 5 minutes of fun. 15 minutes of clean up.
-"Yay thanks for doing X" one minute- next minute , "I don't like this."
-Negotiating.  Its like dealing with Iran around here.  -irrational, explosive, foolish...
-Can a nap EVER be long enough that the sound of waking up doesn't make me disappointed?
-Sure lets go outside and play in the snow.  25 minutes to get ready. Go outside. 3 minutes until tears. Return to the house- toddler saying, "I want Papa." Mama saying, "Believe me, I do too."
-Must you stand on the edge of a couch while the metal toolbox is below you and take of your pants?
-I'll play when I am done doing X means I will play when I am done doing X.  So leave me alone until then.

All in all we are making it through these snow days,  but my romantic image of snow days is quickly dissolving into slush.


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