First snowtime fun

It snowed in Seattle today as it is not something that happens every winter today was probably Junia's first experience of playing in snow.  Last year during our 1 snowstorm we went to "play" in the snow and Junia took off her mitten discovered that the white stuff was cold and screamed the whole way back.

I think she found it hard to walk in the snow.  She kept saying, "I getting tired."

If you

Sledding was a bit iffy.  Fun but a tad out of control.   The other kids on the hill I think helped to convince her that she should be having fun.

And, it would be a shame if I didn't include a photo of our snow loving dog.  She chases sledders, snowballs, and whatever else is moving!

So now in year two snow is way more fun especially when it is 32 degrees and not very treacherous.


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