Bishops get your hands out of Legal Marriage..

Catholic marriage is an official sacrament. Which means that somehow Catholics believe that marriage connects people to God in a unique and powerful way.

Legal marriage is a swapping of rights.  Who gets to make decisions for who...

Catholic marriage is about creating life from love.

Legal marriage is not about revenue??

Catholic marriage is about finding God in the ordinary of sharing life with another.

Legal marriage is about who gets to keep the ordinary when someone dies...

A picture from my favorite wedding!

Here in Washington the state legislature is debating and voting on whether or not gay marriage should be legal.  I am of the opinion that someday we will look at this argument as ridiculous.  That 100 years from now our great grandchildren will laugh at us and say that only bigots would say that gays should not be married.  Just as people two hundred years ago were arguing about slavery...and we look back and think they were fools...

The thing for me is that as a Catholic the Catholic Church doesn't understand marriage in the same way that the state of Washington does. So I just wish they would stay out of the state debate.   And since I don't feel threatened at all by my gay brothers and sisters being legally married (in fact I feel the opposite) I can't quite fathom why the church does as well.  I just want to shout out, "if you really believe in the sacrament of marriage- and its meaning then just let the state be."

If Catholics want to change the church's position on who can and cannot receive the sacrament of marriage  it's not a flip of a switch or a law- it involves reconstruction of our understanding of sex, gender, sperm, scripture...and a couple other major things.  It is the work of a generation of theologians and taking St. Thomas Aquinas in his context rather than in ours...the whole thing ain't gonna happen that fast.

So relax Archbishops you should be scared about a whole lot of other stuff- in the meantime wash your hands of the state and take care of your sacraments.

Seriously this was a great wedding. 


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