Baby Quilt- Auction item

Does having a skill always mean that you know how inadequate your skill is?  My professional work isn't very "skills" based and for the most part parenting and relationships aren't "skills" based either.  But sewing, is some intuition and feeling but it is also mostly just skill...

I finished my third quilt last night.  This one is for our the St. Mary's No-Waste Auction.  It feel pretty different to me that people are going to spend money on this.  It's not a gift for someone or something to have around the house...this is something that someone is going to buy...and so I am VERY aware of its inadequacies.

I think anyone who makes things has an ongoing list of mistakes that this project contains.  When I am giving something away or it is just for us that doesn't really matter to me...but giving it as a product feels different.

 And my fear is that someone who really knows how to sew and quilt will be at the auction and will see what a shoddy job it is.  Hopefully they will also say to themselves, "I guess I should have donated something?!"
And, even though I am more experienced and better trained at making clothing (esp for children) it's hard to donate a wardrobe to an auction or even an item because kids are so many different sizes.

But off it goes. Probably (hopefully) to be added to whole kit of baby stuff.


  1. I definitely feel that way about knitting. I think there is a real discipline involved in learning not to immediately look at all the mistakes you made, and to believe that other people will enjoy things that aren't perfect.

    But honestly, I feel that it's fairly analogous to how I feel about my writing as well... but the thing I struggle against in my writing is concluding that mistakes or problems mean I'm a *bad theologian*, whereas the thing I struggle against in knitting is concluding that what I've knit is bad. So in some ways for me, it's a bit of a relief -- "Even if this hat is not perfect, it does not actually reflect on my worth as a person." Hopefully that will have more of an effect on how I feel about theology, too....


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