What to do with a toddler? Snowed in and functional...

Do I seem bitter over the past couple of days?  Perhaps if you are a facebook friend and a blog reader the answer is yes.  I have found being snowed-in painful.  Figuring out what to do with myself and a two year old for 10+ hours a day has been a challenge for me.  In fact, two of the mornings I went online (during Sesame Street of course) and from that made lists of things I thought we could do together....That at least made me feel like TV wasn't my only back-up.

Well, I hope that my challenge is your amusement...Here's a collection of  our fun and no so fun projects. Because even if I haven't been having a great week of snow days we have still been keeping busy.

So in no particular order here is what we have been doing on our Mama/Junia snow days:

Trying to go outside- only for it to end in tears and several pairs of gloves.
And, no she isn't bleeding from her lip it is chocolate from 3 hours before.

Building forts.
"Thanks Mama." She says.
15 minutes later after every toy has been put under the sheet she says,
"I don't like this." 

Fighting it out.
"I want my Papa."
"I want your Papa too."
Start working on painting the dresser drawers to a new dresser.
So far all I have done is patch the handle holes of three of the drawers.  Yeah, this project isn't going very well.

Cleaning up messes.
Of toys.
Of food.
Of toys again.
Of crap the dog took out of the trashcan and chewed on.
Of snow clothes
Cleaning up many many many messes.
Does our house look clean?

Making pie crust.
Making pie.
Making Quiche.
Eating Quiche.
Eating Pie.
Wash a ton of dishes.

Painting.  We paint a lot around here.

Making Valentines.
Step 1- Paint some cardstock using red paints.
Step 2: Let it dry.
Step 3. Cut out hearts
Step 4: have toddler glue pieces of red paper to another piece of paper.
Step 5: Glue large piece- covered with red pieces of paper- over the heart hole.

Staring at each other.
Or negotiating for someone to use the potty.
Or to put on pants.
Or to play something independently.
Or to pick on the dog not me.

Paint again.

Cut pieces of paper into shapes. This one was called "Papa."
yesterday we did "Mama" But mama was the shape of a fish.
What does that mean?

Celebrating early?
We took a painting project- because I hadn't slyly thrown it away during nap time- and cut it into squares. Wrote on the squares and sewed them together.
Clearly I was distracted it says, "Happy Birthday Papp." Who the hell is Papp? 

Cutting hearts. From the leftover red paper from making Valentines.  Junia told me what order to sew them onto the string.  Hang string in front window.

I read two novels over the weekend.  I should have read much slower.  Because this week my reading has been too much of this.  I am pretty sick of all of our books.

We've been adding stains to the couch. One after another.  This is some of the chocolate that was coming out of her mouth during the snow meltdown.  She spit it onto the couch when she didn't like it.

Yeah- and all of this was like 2 hours.  That's the problem.


  1. I remember blanket forts in the living room, and craft projects hanging from the archway leading from our dinning room to living room.

    So glad you stopped by my site Spiritual Lives Of Women hope you stop by often!

  2. Oh Rachel! I hope you're hanging in there. Toddlers are so hard when they can't be on the move. Let's hope some of that normal Seattle rain can wash away the snow and set you back to your normal routine!


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