Cousins. Niecews. Joy.

We've come back from family visits with a pretty hardcore virus.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get it, but Junia and I have more than shared straws so we will see what becomes of this weekend.

I'm not writing this post though to lament sharing illnesses.  I wanted to share a delight that I discovered over the past week.  Cousins.  Not my cousins.  Though I have a great many cousins (50+) and don't think I actually had friends until 2nd grade because I had enough cousins to cover my basis.  I discovered the joy of watching your child with their cousins.

I didn't know how amazing it could be to see my sisters children really enjoy Junia and vice versa.  These kids all of whom I am connected to genetically and emotionally- when they are together:  laughing, playing or even fighting and stealing eachother's lollipops  I guess I just didn't know how cool it was to witness the relationship of my niecews and my child.

What joy.


  1. Growing up I only had 2 cousins and they were boys and we didn't see them very often so I didnt have any close cousin bonds. But Rex on the other hand has 4 boy cousins all close to his age and 3 older girl cousins that like to play with and mother little boys. This holiday was really the first time that I saw Rex interacting with and having fun with his cousins. It was a lot of fun to watch. It makes me excited for more holiday gatherings to come.


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