From Packaging to Pasture

So Junia got this for Christmas.  She loves the instruments but the box isn't exactly a storage box.

From Melissa and Doug brand

So the instruments are all getting used and stored elsewhere.  But, the moment I saw the opened gift I was secretly lusting after the box.  I knew it would make a perfect pasture for Junia's little people farm animals.  As a child growing up in Seattle she is probably slightly less aware of animals need for pasture than I was growing up in Southern Illinois.  But I took the box in this state:

And then took the only paint that we had around- namely finger paint and added this:
And now, it is a very packed place for animals.  But at least they all don't have to squeeze into the barn.


  1. This is great! And I love the new header- Junia's little legs are so cute! (Sorry if it's been there for a while, I usually read in Google Reader)


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