Birdies Birdies

Abstract stuffed animal birds melt me with cuteness.

These birdies are going on the wall and the furniture in our little person's room.

Birds on a wire are a powerful symbol for me of religion and togetherness.

Perhaps it started when I was a kid an on Sundays my Dad used to say that birds sitting on a wire were going to church. . .

Then, when I was in Junior High and then early in High School I wanted to be an ornithologist. I would spend a lot of my alone time (and in the summer I had a ton of alone time) and go places around our house where there were birds. I would go up to the garden at the abandoned farm house up the road. I would wonder through the bean and corn fields to a grove of mulberry trees and watch them there. I would ride my bike down the dirt road to a tree line in between properties and watch birds there.

I once found a nest of mourning dove eggs (mourning because the sound they make is so sad) and watched them for weeks waiting and waiting for them to hatch. One afternoon I noticed that one of them had a little beak sticking out and the bird was going to hatch. I decided to help it out (Only later did I read that birds need to get themselves out of the egg- it's part of developing muscles). I went back in the evening and the baby was dead. But the others were hatched. That same place I saw a brown thrasher. It was a huge brown and spotted bird. It was fierce looking. It took me weeks to identify but with help from a guidebook I figured it out. I always wanted to see an indigo bunting- never did. I always wanted to see a bluebird. I have seen many but never while explicitly looking for one.

Okay, so how does this relate to me now you might be wondering? Aside from being kind of disoriented in Seattle because it's so different than my home of origin:I can't recognize many of the trees, there are mountains, and a body of water connected to the ocean I don't know as many of the birds and certainly very few of the waterfowl, my enthusiasm for birds from junior high and high school gives me a continued fondness for the whimsical, sometimes aggressive, sometimes just doofy creatures that birds are. In fact, Sean has joined me in this love of birds.

I also love bird folk art and decor. This is really where this is going! I LOVE bird silhouettes, goofy looking birdies, birds on pillows etc. So we are doing some baby things in orange. . . and in birds. I don't know if "Faith" will like birds or not. But I don't care- after all she probably won't recognize her room decor for awhile anyway (how the heck am I supposed to get an opinion out of her in this state?).

So this is just to say in this whole posting. I love birds. Real ones- and images of them.


  1. sorry for abandoning you ;) i actually meant to post this the other day, but i found this cool bird etsy decal seller.

    not too expensive and, depending on the decor, might be a nice touch to "faith's" room.


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