Does adulthood always feel like this. . .

I am so done! I am sitting at my computer at work and know that I will cry on the way home. This day has been so frustrating. Today has been a ton of putting together papers, organizing, double checking, confirming, and lifting and moving stuff-which gets more and more difficult as I get more pregnant (and no I am not pretending I'm not pregnant- I just am meeting the requirements to get a paycheck).

Then in the midst of it I find out we don't have a bus to get all these kids to a retreat on Sunday. So everything is all planned except for the transportation piece. A small piece but a piece that if it doesn't happen nothing else does. . .

I am just so tired of these details. Though I am capable of making lists of all the food we need to bring, all the supplies for each session, trying to enlist chaperones (who don't want to do it!) andd enlist students who are not being encouraged from other parties to attend this is not my vocation.

I have a heart for being with people who are struggling, for making beautiful things out of trash and other scraps of life, and for introspection in others and myself. I know that life is lived in the details being all worked out and that those details all have to be dealt with to make the things we are passionate about turn into some thing else.

I just feel so done. At least I can have Saturday off.


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