Sittin' out back

If I were an ode writer I would write an ode about the beauty and wonders of a patio!

I think living in a city and living in apartments for several years gives me an appreciation of how wonderful it is to be able to eat meals outside, enjoy the weather, have grass and a garden etc. Even having neighbors who still live in apartments makes me appreciate how lucky we are!

So this is just to say that Sean and I haven't had an evening meal indoors at our house in probably 2 weeks. Our grill has replaced our oven, and we are enjoying the benefits of living in a city that has almost no bugs.

Oh on a side note- one of my pet peeves is people whining about weather. Especially when people have nothing to whine about. . . well it's been a high of 78 or so the last couple days. All the people I know from the area are whining about how hot it is. Shut the hell up is all I have to say. They have no idea what heat is...


  1. Almost no bugs? Awesome. :) Mosquitoes are already out here. Steve just got a little grill before Easter, and really really enjoys it.


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