Adventures in Canada

We are pretending to be Canadians for the week. The backstory? I had Thursday and Friday off as did S so we decided to head to Vancouver (BC) for the weekend. It is only about 2.5 hours away from Seattle so it's a fun venture, and besides leaving the states for a weekend is a nice treat. That is unless your car breaks down with a fussy baby in the back seat in the middle of Vancouver.

There we were pulled off (coasted) onto a side street with one of us pushing the car into a parking spot. So we learn the transmission is shot...but trading a car in and getting a new one in Canada is complicated...we probably don't want a new Honda...we would have to pay out a lot in taxes up front and on and on and on. So we are getting a new transmission in the car and will be done with her at the next breakdown (I guess).

Anyway, we are pretending to be Canadians because we are driving a rental car with BC plates for the week.


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