Thanksgiving dress

Tonight I took a flannel pillowcase with leaves that I had picked up at goodwill over the summer an orange ribbon from a basket of ribbons I keep and and the top half of a white turtleneck onsie that was magically not stained and made J a Thanksgiving dress. On Project Runway they always talk about how satin is hard to sew and mostly just a pain...the orange ribbon is my proof of that.

I actually skipped a step and had to kind of change up the design...but it ended up working out really well.

It is on this same night of magical dress making that I have decided to admit to myself that my camera is POS. Even thought it takes generally bad pictures (not that I have anything to do with that!) it is now ONLY saving pictures to the internal memory- with or without the memory card in it. I cannot find the camera cord so no photos.

UNTIL...I remembered that our little video camera takes photos. So that's how you can celebrate with me!


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