No news from the Homefront

S is in Vancouver swapping our rental for our fixed car; he left last night; it was the first time I had ever slept in our bed by myself.

There is a chai cake in the oven. It was supposed to be chai cookies. I wasn't paying attention and put in too much milk. The batter is delicious. We'll see how the cake turns out.

J is a full fledged walker now.

I am actually getting excited for the holidays. We have goodies in the works for gifting and and Advent Calendar is on my list of upcoming sewing projects.

Our coffee grinder and refrigerator are not working. I am not sure which one is more tragic.

It's cold here. We have several windows covered in plastic for the winter. Have you ever done this...Does it save money in heating bills?

My inner life is complicated right now but I am still oozing gratitude and general happiness.


  1. Yay for J walking! That seems fast, right? I have put plastic over windows in previous apartments where I had very drafty windows/glass doors. Checking my utility payments, it seems like there was a few dollar savings (as compared to not covering windows in same apartment). Probably more savings in a house with more windows than an apartment, though.


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