Prayer for the Church

RCIA is tonight and I am looking for a "prayer for the church." This is more for me than them. But it's what I came up with.


I am in this church because I really believe that you are (or even at least can be) alive in it.
In our gatheirng you draw wisdom out of all of us.
In the sacraments you remind us of your presence in our daily lives.
In the eucharist we renew our covenant together.

There are times, as a catholic that my heart breaks and that I see others hearts break at the weight of the many nos they sense.
Be with my gay brothers and sisters who feel unwelcome.
Be with my divorced brothers and sisters who feel like they have failed.
Be with my impoverished brothers and sisters who feel condescended.

Be with all of us in our sins and our strenghts.
Be with church leaders in their pride and their humility.
Be with this church in our widom and ignorance.

And show us, God of pentacost how you are alive now.
And alive then.



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