A coat for a future baby

Today I made a coat for a baby we do not have. I spent every extra moment in the last two days attending to the details of this coat!
It is a grey courteroy coat perfect for Seattle winter. Thick with flannel lining and a fleece interior between the courteroy and flannel. It's chic and the pink buttons are a nice flare. Someday a little person will certianly look adorable in this coat. So tomarrow, I will take it upstairs and put it with the bin of 6-12 month clothes in J's closet.
Made from free courderoy curtians I have been saving for a special project and a pink flannel I got a goodwill over the summer for 1.99. The fleece lining was from an old blanket from back in the day when fleece blankets were the rage. This is where I got the pattern for 5.95.
And, finally just so you know. The reason it's for a baby we don't have...is because it doesn't fit the baby we do.


  1. Oh, it is such a cute coat! What amazing sewing skills you have. It'll be adorable on the next one ;-)


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