Couple of prayers

1 Marriage
2 Ministers
2Master's Degrees in theology.
2 Bachelor's degrees 1 in Theology 1 in Religious studies.
over 7 years of ministry experience

and we are still awkward as hell at praying together.


We aren't bow your heads or kneel kind of people so our imaginations are already limping then...
We don't have time- or don't make the time- or take the time.
We don't have a chapel in our house so where is always the question.
Do we talk about theology, feelings, about God or what?
Isn't God everywhere.
Do we make up a prayer because my, "dear heavenly father" evangelical Christian baggage has to take that very carefully so that I can actually be open to it.
Do we do a catholic mainstay kind of know the kind that we are all supposed to know? That's totally not our style.
Do we make up some ritual. On the spot or planned?
Prayer is kind of a moody thing- what if we are not in the same mood.

So S and I had a talk the other day, "Why don't we ever pray together?" Want to know what each of us said, "I think you are so smart I don't want to say anything stupid." That's right- all of our education has been the roadblock. Sure their are other roadblocks like the ones mentioned above. But we are working on this, a nice challenge as we approach Advent at the start of December.


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