Globby mess of playdough

Snowed in. That's right Seattle is snowed in...I don't know yet whether I have to go to work or not but it looks like J will be hanging out with us no matter what. Her daycare goes by the Seattle Public schools cancellation policy- and they are cancelled.

If I don't have to go to work then I am going to spend naptime trying to make a pair of snowpants for the little person. I've been thinking a lot that she needs something to keep her legs warm as much as a coat. So I'm going to try to make some pants that match her coat...

S was home today and was making pizza...he decided that J needed some dough to play with too. I thought I would share my Mom's Playdough recipe for the world . Take note that the directions are directly from the recipe card...

Mix in a medium pot
1 C white flour
1/4 C salt
2 T cream of tartar
Combine and Add
1 C water
2 t vegetable food coloring [s used tumeric because we don't have any food coloring]
1 T oil

Cook over medium heat and stir (about 3-5 minutes).

It will look like a globby mess and you'll be sure its not turning out...but it will. When it forms a ball in the center of the pot, turn it out and knead it on a lightly floured surface. Store in an air-tight container or plastic bag.


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