What to do with extra pie crust...

It's Thanksgiving. It's 12:30pm and we are still in our pajamas.

Our 5th and final pie is in the oven.
The dinner rolls are rising on the warm stove.
J is napping.
And the Seattle snow is melting- phew.

We had a wonderful breakfast! As is our tradition on the weekend we had "hot breakfast" but in the middle of rolling out pie crust and getting things together we (of course) ended up with extra crust and puff pastry (that's right S made puff pastry!) So with all the extras we rolled up the edges of the rolled out dough and put a dollop of our peach lavender butter in the middle (I wasn't going to go all the way downstairs to get the applebutter). As is always the rule with pie crust don't re-roll it or else it will get chewy. It was a nice treat and something great to do with the extra dough...

I am not sure I have ever been so eager to enter into the holiday Season.
Gratitude abounds for me- and I wish it for you as well.


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