Feb 21...I love ICE

Yeah. You read it right. Ice.

I do not love ice when it is on roads or sidewalks. I don't eve particularly love it when it comes in light fluffy form from the sky.  But when it comes from the fridge all crushed, or when it has been sitting in a beverage glass for 30 minutes and is delectably eatable, or when it is the perfect kind of ice for chewing (like the kind hospitals have)...that is the kind of ice I love.

I got into ice when I was in my third trimesters with Junia as well.  It is back, and in full force.  Today, I only chomped on three glasses of ice.  I would like to eat ice all day but I would like to have SOME teeth left at the end of this pregnancy.  Apparently eating ice is a form of pica...the pregnancy disease or iron deficiency that makes you want to eat dirt and laundry detergent and rocks and stuff...well since my body isn't even capable of having normal iron levels it might be inevitable.

And, frankly I don't care because I just want to eat ice.  It won't kill me or the fetus...
Oh ice...how I love you.


  1. Do they have Sonic's out there? I always thought part of the reason Sonics drinks are so good is because of their awesome ice.

  2. You are so right...sonic has AMAZING Ice..Its like hospital ice without having to be at the hospital!

    But no- sonics are a southern thing actually. We didn't have them in Massachusetts or NH either...so no sonics here.


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