February 13...I love when I find my parenting groove.

Junia is still sleeping in a crib and we are going to leave it that way for awhile more.  She is sleeping really well, not trying to escape and its working for us.  Rule number #1 of parenting- if it is working then don't change it.

The problem is that she has outgrown her blankets.  They technically fit over her but only if they aren't bunched or gathered and if she doesn't move.  On the other hand a twin blanket is just too much blanket for a crib.  So thus, Junia and I went to Jo-Anne's yesterday to buy some fleece for a new blanket.

So there we are in the fleece aisle...getting along perfectly well...and she picked out the Disney princess fleece. I turned around and she said, "I want this one." I exclaimed, "oh no freakin' way."  And yes, I exclaimed it.  She of course burst into tears at my strong response.

But then I have to give this kid a reason that the Disney princess blanket will not be crossing the threshold of our house (I don't think she even knows a single Disney princess). I picked up my crying kid and here's what I came up with.

"Junia we aren't going to get a blanket with other people's faces on it.  We don't want them in our house.  Unless we find a blanket with your picture on it we don't get blankets with other people's faces."  So we looked for a blanket with her face on it- and ended up with some orange fleece and some ribbon to decorate the edges a bit.

I actually kind of like coming up with explanations like this.  Especially when she buys them!


  1. I love your spontaneous response! They make this cool stuff that can transfer a photo image to material - you could make (or someone could) a blanket with her face on it...just a thought!

  2. I actually don't want a blanket with her face on it either- I just somehow knew that Jo-Annes wouldn't have one :)- fooling a toddler is sometimes a cinch and sometimes not so much!


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