Feb 4. I love....how my daughter eats

Junia is a great eater.

She is sometimes picky.
She sometimes has preferences.
She sometimes gets more calories from milk than meals.

The photo is taken from the restaurant website here: http://www.vijsrangoli.ca/diner/index.html
But, for the most part she is willing to try a lot of things.  We are in Vancouver, BC for the night. We had hotel points for a free room and we needed to get away.  So tonight we went to our favorite resturant in Vancouver this place: http://www.vijsrangoli.ca/diner/index.html.  It's not kid friendly.  It's really not toddler friendly.  But it's so good.

It's an Indian restaurant: some spicy things, some fruity things, but generally not our American fare.  And of course Junia joined along. Eating a relatively spicy dal (and drinking plenty of water), enjoying the saffron rice loaded with vegetables, and getting bits of tandoor chicken with a curry sauce on it stuck in her teeth.

I imagine it is a mix of her personality and the fact that we don't force her to eat but also don't give her options (eat what we are eating or load up on milk) that has made her quite an adventurous eater. It's just so stinkin' cool to see her eat things that I didn't have until I was in my twenties and to enjoy them so thoroughly.

Tomorrow's food adventure?  Chinese soup dumplings!


  1. I always think about the time we had lunch after buying shoes for J's baptism, and how she was torn between really enjoying the -- was it palak paneer? -- and then crying because it was too spicy for her... Poor adventurous kiddo.


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