February 9....I love PDA

Today, riding the bus to work, a 40+ year old man dressed in jeans and a collared shirt, looking ever so ordinary boarded. But just before he did a blew a kiss to someone.  No hand just puckered lips and eye contact.

Watching him, I felt priveleged to know that he loved someone. And, he loved someone enough to express that love in public.  It was pretty cool.

I think the kind of PDA that bothers me is when it is highly sexualized.  When people are clearly horn-balls for one another (I get it but I don't like it); or when couples are rude- getting in the way of others, making a scene that kind of stuff.

But when people are gently expressing love.
When they are putting their affection out there in the world.
It can sometimes be charming...and sure sometimes akward but I'm not going to move away from uncomfortable just because love is out on the table.

So thanks man on the bus.  I want to hold my beloved's hand right now.


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