Feb. 23...I love gift giving (kinda)

I hate winter sun,  or the lack of it.

I love gift giving though.  Except that it doesn't come very naturally to me.  I am generous in some ways but not with stuff.  If I make something I usually fall in love with it as it comes together...otherwise I hate it and I don't finish it.

But  two little babies are on the verge of being born to some very special friends.  So I made them these quilts. They are quite small very much baby sized!  But these two little babies are going to be a tad small anyway.  

In the end though, I do love giving gifts and I think, because it doesn't come naturally to me, it is important for me to move into it.  Once I decided who these blankets would belong to it was cool to think of the babies...it became prayer...

Twin quilts similar without being identical!


  1. These are gorgeous! And I have exactly the same problem with my knitting... either I love it and I want it ALL FOR MYSELF. Or I hate it and I want to throw it across the room and never look at it again. Luckily love for friends and their babies to be can be quite good motivation to give them things!


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