I love...Simple birthdays

I don't hate birthday parties or big decorations or making things a big deal.  But I don't like them.  Birthdays, from my perspective, are not time for major celebration. They are a time to mark another day and honor passing time and to give someone a simple celebration.

S's birthday was yesterday.  Finally, we celebrated a simple birthday together, it seems like that has hardly ever happened in our relationship.    I sent S a series of emails yesterday, "Why I am glad you were born..." and picked up up from work and said, "I don't have energy to cook, you don't have energy to cook...and I want it to be special so we are gonig out." We went to a pizza place that we had never been too, came home, took baths, and had a homemade frozen yogurt birthday cake with sprinkles!

And you know what? I didn't take a single stinking picture. 
I must have really been present to it.


  1. I am very with you on the love of simple birthdays. I really have to stretch myself to empathize with loved ones who feel that birthdays must be a big deal -- it's not a way I instinctively show care, and I've never (or at least not since I was a kid) felt the need to have big recognitions of my own birthdays… give me a meal with someone I care about, and I am deeply happy.


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