February 3....I love

Last February I joined this community of bloggers who posted a "I love" series during the month of February.  One of my self protective styles is to remember the chaos or to laugh at the sloppy I kind of like the messiness of life.    I also think it is good practice for me to periodically embrace the sweetness, beauty and joy that can be at right at the surface of our living as well...even if that isn't the most natural way of being for me.

So today I start with I love Junia's relationship with her sibling.

Sure her sibling is a fetus, that Junia calls "baby sister" (who knows if she is a she), but the relationship that they seem to be starting is already pretty cool.

Last night I had to go back to work after dinner and Junia gave me a hug and kiss goodbye and then she voluntarily gave "baby sister" a hug and kiss goodbye as well.  It was pretty cool.  And even though they will certianly have a dynamic beginning (especially at first) I think that watching your children become and be siblings is going to be a very cool thingl


  1. We have the same thing going on at our house; my youngest son hugs, pats, and kisses his yet-to-be-born brother inside my tummy and does things he thinks he would like for him throughout the day. I hope this continues once the new baby is born!


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