February 12...I love Southern California

I hadn't ever been until last fall.  Southern California was a mysterious place that in my imagination were scenes from 90210 or Baywatch. Superficial. Sunbathed, Beach, Hollywood, Disney, Fake= These are not things I am into whatsoever.  But Sean went down to San Diego for work last fall and last spring we were craving some sunshine.

So over the slow course of time I have realized how much I like it.  Like every place the stereotypes have some truth.  I mean NYorkers are cold at first and Seattlelites are all wearing tan or fleece and kind of downers, and San Franciscans are elitist and zealously liberal---but a cities are full of people with lots of opinions perspectives bodies. Cities are full of neighborhoods, exceptions, chaos, history and culture.  So of course, this is true of Southern California.

I had to go down to San Diego for a funeral yesterday.  It was work related and of course I would have preferred not to go.  But while there I was on a mission to absorb sunshine, gawk at growing things, sight the ocean, and be in a place that I am finding newly charming.

I don't really want to live there...and I confess I'm not sure I LOVE southern California but I have a crush for sure.


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