February 6...I love a finished project

I love a finished project.

Like this one.

This must be why today I finished two quilts.
1 clock.
And made a cute skirt for the toddler on a whim.
It's the high of completion that I love.

Oh, and about this dresser!?

This dresser started out as a $75 craigslist deal.  Ikea doesn't even make them anymore.  But this one was around $200 when they did.  So it felt like a good deal...no going to Ikea, no putting it together, no fighting over instructions.  Phew.

With some primer. And three coats of sample paint this has turned into a beaut!

Oh how I love the ombre effect.  And that this one has room for toddler clothes and baby clothes.

Here are some steps along the way:

  •  Took off the handles and filled in one of the holes.  Then sanded then
  • Then primed the face and edge of the drawers with Olympic brand primer- the only primer at Lowes that didn't have a pregnant women label.
  • I actually then did three coats of paint letting each coat dry for at least 10 hours
  • But since we only have 1 paintbrush the whole thing took over a week.
  • But it worked out, Junia would go to bed and I could easily spend 10 minutes painting the drawer and then not worry about her touching them in the AM.
  • The paint colors are valspar. I picked an orange paint sample and asked for 1 sample of each.  


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! I have an old dresser I painted white, but this ombre effect is just amazing. Xo

  2. This is fantastic, Rachel. Those colors are wonderful.


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