Sick of being Sick

On Tuesday Sean and I picked Junia up from daycare and realized she wasn't breathing very well.  So after a quick stop at a grocery store dei we spent ourlovely Tuesday evening at Seattle Children's Hospital urgent care. 

They patched her up and sent us home around 11pm.  I am convinced that some researcher needs to inquire about the passing of time in healthcare settings.  It is somehow altogether different, "quick hurry up and wait."

It seems that Sean and I are constantly living in fear and dread about the next time Junia will be sick.  In January alone I had to take 4 sick days.  And, in the world of no paid maternity leave this means that each of these days means one less day of leave for baby Deuce.    So maybe that makes me thankful that I have been working so many hours on the weekends. Because then, at least it all adds up to be even.


At moments I think she is an unusually sick kid.  But maybe its just the fine art of being a two year old.  Being two, being in daycare= being sick (and yes building up that immune system).

All in all though, I am jonesing for some healthy weeks! Some springtime boost in our immune systems!


  1. So sorry your little one is sick. I hope she feels better soon. Sending prayers your way!

  2. Sick kiddos, especially ones with breathing troubles, are so, so tough. My own have had more nebulizer time in the past couple of weeks than in the past year. Yuck! Hope you are all on the mend and glad that you are joining in I Love... again this year Rachel!


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