It could be worse...

So I am not a "it could be worse kind of person." At other times in my life I have used that as a phrase to negate my feelings and hide from my struggles. It never made me feel better it just made me feel like my reality was insignificant. Not exactly a healthy place. So instead I have become a, "yeah it could be worse but this is bad too." Kind of person. I believe that pain and struggle even if minor fills whatever space it has. It's not the kind of thing that should be ranked it just is.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night Junia was a disaster. Up and crying almost hourly, our baby girl was not doing well. Needless to say neither were her parents. Last night she gave use some relief. Though it wasn't magical, waking up every 3 hours rather than hourly is such sweet relief.

So rather than saying, "it could be worse." I say, thank you Junia for not being worse.


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