Thursday and Friday's Pictures

So here are some pictures last week.

This pictures somehow captures the chaos of my job. The lighter- the functionality of just getting things done, working behind the scenes and making it happen. The ping pong paddle- my relationships with the teenagers. The candles somehow capture the sacred and hopefully the gospel captures it all...
From Thursday- we had extra chili from Wednesday night and since my wonderful beloved spouse got me a pressure canner for Christmas we now have chili reserved for a quick meal!

I kinda think Sean and Junia look alike in this photo.


  1. A side note: I love Sean's t-shirt! I wore mine into the ground after college. SCOHAH does rock!

    And Junia really looks like a mini-Sean there. Let's play RPI....

  2. i like this post and the pictures. one of my goals this year is to learn to make crockpot chili, so that could be part of the reason why, well that and you have an incredibly adorable child.


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