Christmas Past

Okay, so our Christmas presents (except for 1) have all been distributed (sorry Tim!). And I want to share with the world some of the gifts that we made. Honestly, we were inspired to do this because we are short on money. But the more we made the more we got into the value of making gifts for those we love.

We made pickles in the fall and gave those away. They ended up being a sad sight! They got overcooked while canning and I also forgot to add salt the the vinegar brine. Maybe good for your blood pressure but they weren't great. So be it.

We also ordered 20 pounds of apples from our favorite apple stand at our neighborhood farmer's market. With those apples we made some Doll Family Applesauce. I confess there is not secret ingredient. There is a secret missing ingredient! Anyway, we gave this special treat to our family who aren't Dolls!

While traveling in Oregon a little bit Sean and I discovered that Hazelnuts are everywhere in Oregon! We bought a 5lb bag from a random stand in some random town and shelled them all. Then baked them up, rubbed off the skins and dipped them in a bit of chocolate for our own home-made chocolate covered hazelnuts! Yum!


  1. thank you for sharing! :) i bet those hazelnuts were delicious.

    my secret word is "notel."


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