Milk can be contagious

This is Sean...but I will begin with a quote from Rachel, who when discussing this topic suggested the sentence "Junia's not the only one who is on a milk only diet these days."

As someone who is married to the daughter of a dairy specialist, kind of a milk parlor architect and engineer/repairman (this is where the cows are milked, for most of us who like me didn't know, its amazing what I've learned about the dairy industry), Rachel has always had glasses of milk throughout our relationship. She's also expressed some clear opinions about her milk--not as strong as cider or applesauce mind you (her family also owned an orchard), but clear.

However, I've never really partaken in this, especially since it brings back images of a friend in high school who tried to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting (note that this is actually physically impossible), and of bags of milk in cafeterias and the smell that is associated there for me.

But recently...Rachel and I have become somewhat addicted to drinking milk as an evening bedtime snack--it started with Egg Nog in St Louis, when we found some Oberweis Dairy Egg Nog at the supermarket in glass bottles! We've seen milk in glass before but never sprung for it, and that Egg nog was awesome--so it spread to some more glass bottled Egg Nog, 1% milk, and chocolate milk here in Seattle from Golden Glen Creamery. The chocolate milk is ridiculously good--and this comes from someone who grew up never really wanting to drink milk, and still can't drink a glass of the white stuff to this day.

I'm going to upload a picture of our empty glass milk jugs--but for now the count is:

3 chocolate milk jugs
3 egg nog jugs (luckily the chocolate milk and egg nog are only quarts!)
1 large regular milk jug

I'm pretty sure we have Junia beat--and its all she drinks!


  1. I just thought I'd share that I about jumped out of my chair when I read Oberweis. What a treat it was to get Oberweis milk. YUM!!!


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