A Simple Joy

When Junia was being born I lost my journal. It was nowhere to be found. I remember packing for the hospital the night we transfered there and being really upset that I couldn't find it. After 2 weeks without it we went and bought a new one. Tonight I found it!

In all the chaos of pregnancy and new parenthood (and life really) I have craved poetry on the topics of pregnancy and new parenthood. From this craving I have a dream to publish such a book (know anyone in the publishing world?) Anyway, I have been writing short little poems down when I get the chance. Here are a couple of them. Then my final words to this posting are my entry from the journal I had lost but now have found from August 17.

Poem 1

The transition from parenthood is huge. But that is for another night.
It is the transition from sling to carseat
From awake to sleep.
From arms to swing.
From breast to bed.
Those are the ones the consume me.


I escaped.
Grandparents pried open the bars to my jail cell.
They snuck me out under the wardens eyes.
I brushed my teeth.
Grabbed my keys.
And left.

August 17, 2009

My water broke this morning -around 8:00 or it started leaking-- so I hoped, I imagined, I dreamed labor would kick start. But in her own sweet time- in her own way our little person and my body are taking awhile to get things booted up- come on my little person...
But what of time- what of waiting it out- letting her take time- what of this experience- her head sinking into my cervix opening slowly...opening-opening...

But letting her take her time- letting her move out at her own sweet pace.
What will be- will be.



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