A challenge to myself

For Christmas, I received a thoughtful gift for my creative self. Someone got me a journal to record my crafty ideas, projects, dreams, failures, successes in. One of the first things I wrote in that journal was that over the summer I wanted to take 1 picture a day and then post it.

I've been thinking about this for a week or so. Today it occured to me, "What am I waiting for?" Though I will have more time over the summer, one of the things I am struggling with is feeling like I don't have enough time and feeling like I can't do any of the things I want to do. BUT, this mentality isn't helping me. So I am challenging myself from now until Easter to take a picture a day and post it.

Here are my goals:
1. To learn to take better pictures with my camera
2. To stop being so darn jealous of everyone elses pictures.
3. To record some of springtime's emerging: in our family, in our household, in nature.
4. To learn what the settings on my camera mean.

So here are my rules guidelines.
1. Take one picture per day.
2. Post and blog about it once every three days.
Why the delay? Well I am giving myself permission to have more chaos than I can handle and frankly this computer is a piece of crap so uploading photos isn't a piece of cake.
3. Don't feel guilty if I upload less frequently but feel guilty if I stop taking pictures.

*There will be a week in February where I will be in Florida. I don't know if I'll have internet. I REALLY don't need to feel guilty if I can't upload then.


  1. Excited for your picture taking whether it be frequent or infrequent. Have fun!

  2. Rachel, I am just embarking on the same project! I've never really been happy with my pictures and am trying to learn how maximize my camera. Mostly, I wanted to join a community of folks who post recipes and I'm envious of their food pics.

    I have some helpful links if you need more info on basic photography. Love what you've posted so far!


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